Welcome to Streamline Java

Welcome to Streamline Java where fresh products are the key.  Our ground coffees are roasted when ordered and our mixes hand packed when ordered.  Test new products and most of all enjoy the delicious products and love what you consume!

Try our hot drinks…delicious coffees, hot chocolates, hot tea, and cherry simmers.  Great time to warm up with our hot gourmet drinks.

Owner Jordan Gallacher #4077


Gourmet Meals and Extras

We proud in the fact that we offer delicious gourmet meals for the liking.  Delicious Chili for a cold winter night.  We also have desserts for every taste buds.  We have sugar free side dishes and desserts for those who need a sugarless diet.

We have the gourmet dinners, side dishes, Asian meals, breakfast items, breads, seasonings, and so much more.

Let’s go shopping for a delicious meal time treat