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Welcome to Streamline Java

Welcome to Streamline Java where fresh products are the key.  Our ground coffees are roasted when ordered and our mixes hand packed when ordered.  Test new products and most of all enjoy the delicious products and love what you consume! Try

Slow Cooker Mixes

Good old fashion roast like mother use to make…Simply add roast and water to your slow cooker and come home to a meal like grandma would make! We have the recipe for slow cook ribs -Roll up your sleeves and

Dips & Spreads

Whether your dip is savory or sweet, a dip can make a meal shine. Want to spice things up?  Try our new slightly spicy cheese ball full of Anaheim pepper flavor.  Add pepper jack cheese and cream cheese. Amazing taste

Desserts to finish off the meal!

Try some Apple Baklava for dessert…Can’t beat this one! Serve warm with vanilla ice-cream. Add fillo dough (found with frozen pastries), butter, and honey. Makes a 9×13 pan.  Desserts               For the sugarfree diet